About us

«Fine Gems» is a partnership between miners , cutters , gem dealers and gemologists.
We are in the Gem and Jewelry business since 1989 when we decide to «go public» with some of our best Rubies and Sapphires. Response was immediately overwhelming. Starting from our own office , we now have links into more than four continents and continue to grow having an extensive network of suppliers of fine quality gemstones.
We pride ourselves on providing our customers with best quality Rubies and Sapphires. Our direct links with the source gives us the confidence for the top quality and best prices.
We take enormous pride in transforming the treasures of the earth into objects of rare beauty.
Our gemologist , Mr. A.Lambrakis , the man whose experience , knowledge , devotion , passion and love for Gems as well as the strict quality control of color , cutting and clarity makes us proud to have in our inventory top quality Rubies and Sapphires.

We are proud members of the following organizations : 

and gia100